What is AeroSoft Systems?

Aerosoft is a complete software package for planning jobs, creating shop travelers,

Why use Aerosoft?

  • Time Savings
  • Job Entry – Once a part is planned in Aerosoft, future jobs for that part number can be created using the prior planning.  Just enter the new PO and Target date into the job screen, and your job is created in a fraction of the time, usually a few minutes.
    • Location Tracking – When jobs are moved between departments, you can scan their new location in so you can always have a top down view of a job’s location in your shop.
    • Pictures – Pictures of the parts on the travelers and throughout the software package dramatically increase your ability to find and recognize a job visually. Production staff can much more quickly verify they have the right job though visual recognition.
    • Visual Travelers – Pictures can be used throughout you part planning showing critical areas to be masked or machined, special racking and fixturing requirements, or packaging considerations.  All pictures and planning are retained and will automatically populate the traveler the next time that part comes in.
    • Rapid, Accurate Certifications – Jobs can be quickly shipped with necessary thickness and other data.  When part is planned you can easily indicate customer required data so that certification can’t be created without it.
    • Barcoding – Using barcodes, you can more rapidly scan a job to pull up its information rather than typing it in.  This makes job movement tracking throughout your shop a breeze!
  • Repeatability and consistency
    • All planning and job information is maintained in the system for future reference including attached documents, pictures, and measurement data entered at shipping.
  • Customer communication
    • Whenever a job is entered in Aerosoft, an email is automatically generated and sent to the customer indication the job was received, quantities, confirming PO number, target delivery date and delivery method.
    • When a customer needs job status, you can quickly pull up all of the job information on your screen including target delivery date, PO, job location, and whether it is on track for delivery.
    • Shipping Confirmation – Aerosoft can automatically generate and send a shipment confirmation email for your customer letting them know when and how they will be getting their job back.
  • Comprehensive Reporting
    • Generate a detailed backlog report for your Production Meetings showing jobs in house, location, processes required, value and target dates.
    • Report on jobs that are late, have production issues and are off track, rework, etc.

Job location tracking & Barcoding

  • Aerosoft places barcodes on all job paperwork

Performance Tracking and Improvement

  • Aerosoft has a full feature performance reporting system showing your delivery and quality performance over any time frame. This is invaluable during Nadcap, AS9100 and Prime process audits.
  • Pareto charts can be generated for NCR’s showing problem processes and production departments, so you can focus your improvement efforts where they will have the biggest impact.

Founder’s note:

AeroSoft Systems was founded in 2019 by Metal Finishers, to help increase the efficiency of the Metal Finishing Industry and to give insight into orders like completion dates, as well as live progress updates.